Does it really pay to see an in-network provider? Yes!

In network. Out of network. Figuring out where you can, or should, go to an appointment can get confusing and even overwhelming. The answers to these common questions will help you make sense of it all. And they’ll show you why it pays to stay in your network.

Health screenings: Your fall to-do list

Routine preventive health screenings can help you detect underlying conditions earlier, when they’re easier to treat. Here are a few that you might need — ask your primary care provider which ones are right for you.

Know the differences: Cold vs. flu vs. COVID-19

You know the drill: You start to feel a runny nose or sore throat coming on. After a day or so, you may be coughing, too. But do you have a fever? Has your sense of taste or smell changed? Get to know the symptoms of a cold, the flu, and COVID-19.