Best Podcasts

These free online radio shows educate, entertain, and inspire

Photo: Mature couple wearing headphones and listening to something on their smartphone.

Good Job, Brain!
The self-confessed “trivia nuts” behind this show claim it’s “the ultimate nutrition for your brain.” GJB is a quiz show for people who love the little- known fact. Topics are all over the map, including food, movies, manners, and Bond . . . James Bond.  

Meditation Oasis
Mary and Richard Maddux guide you through various meditations that will help you relax. You’ll also find instructions for practicing on your own. 

Better Health While Aging
Leslie Kernisan, MD, is a physician specializing in the health of older adults. She provides practical tips for preventing or managing health problems and also touches on caring for older loved ones. 

How to Hear a Podcast
You can go directly to the podcast’s website, where you can find a list of episodes and a free audio player for listening. You can also usually download the episode you want to hear to your computer and listen to it at your leisure. If you have a smartphone, you can download the podcast from the website, from Apple’s App Store for iPhones, or from Google Play for Android phones.